Saturday, December 20, 2008

Something shiny for Christmas!

I must admit most women, shiny things attract me. I lust for them. Since we're closing in on the holiday, I get to go shop for the perfect shiny thing for me! (it doesn't stress him out and I get exactly what I want!)

Therefore, today after taking him for the dreaded driver's license renewal (we always look like geeks in those pictures) I will be dragging hubby to Harbor Freight, where I am hoping they still have this mini-lathe in stock and on sale! Oh how the shiny metal parts amaze and enthrall me. Actually he likes Harbor Freight more than when I drag him to Michaels, but I digress.

This is actually a better gift than the mapp gas torch I wanted for my foray into flamework glass. (that's still upcoming....Cedar Lakes has a class).

Sooooooooo, with 16 days out of the office and hubby off to work, I will see how much damage I can come up with.

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