Sunday, January 4, 2009


Surprisingly enough I am off to a good start. I return to work tomorrow and have my overtime schedule figured out. Also have plans to take the "learn to knit" dvd to work and use that during lunch until I finally remember how to do this stuff! My friends have so many lovely knit items they have made and I've had enough of wanting to know how to do it. Besides, my crochet madness phase is winding down at the moment. (and I lust for hand knit socks)

I have broken the news to Max that I was not really a permanent stay at home Mommy and must return to work in the morning. I will be off to make the dog food money. Does he not look put out?
So many things are going on in our lives that are positive. Bill will be on official payroll as of January 20, with a raise! (yay! Dog food money!) I have been assigned officially to a unit at work and have avoided being part of the "big move", much to my relief. I also have plans to take a flamework class in May and possibly spinning classes in the fall unless I manage to nail down a family friend that spins.


  1. I LOVE that picture of Max, I want to babysit him while you are at work. You could ship him here, and I will take goooood care of him.

  2. Heee! I'm sure you would! I must warn you though that he loves to play with feet and absolutely cannot go up and down stairs or jump. Personally, I think he's just too spoiled to try!