Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh baby! (or my little pumpkin) From Lion Brand Yarn just completed during the Daytona 500 (booties to follow)

For those that don't know, I am going to be a grandmother again in about October. My youngest, Dana, announced yesterday that she is pregnant.

When I was pregnant with Dana, I just couldn’t bring myself to tell my mom. And any time that I would work up the nerve, she would be in a really bad mood over something and I would think “this is NOT the time to tell her!” Well, it kept getting further and further along. She would stop by work and I’d go down to see her carrying a stack of files or something and my boss would ask, “did you tell her?”. I had visions of being at the hospital and calling her and telling her I’d had a baby….or even telling her stuff like “I’m babysitting up until the kid graduated college.

I had just been to the dr and he had told me that if I didn’t go into labor by that coming Friday, they were going to induce me. This is Christmas week We are at her house and she asks if I’m “pregnant or what” and I tell her I’m pregnant. “how far along”……”uh, if I don’t pop by Friday, they are going to induce”. “!@)(@#&$! Marsha! We’ve missed yard sale season!”

So there is Dana, out front of her work. She has just said “I’m pregnant” and I’m waiting for her to tell me the “real” news and she burst into tears and said she thought of not telling me but she knew I’d be mad about missing yard sale season.

By popular demand!

My husband is such a great guy! Truly he is! After 15 years of marriage he is willing to prove his undying devotion to me by wearing a fish on his head.

The Dead Fish Hat

How exciting is this?!??! I finished the Dead Fish Hat (link below) for my husband. Hubby hunted out the colors he wanted for his hat and I set about knitting it. This is really my third complete knit project. Despite the fight with the circular needles (I have learned the virtues of hot water) and dropping stitches, and forgetting how the heck to bind off, it is finished. I am ready to move onto my true fascination.....socks.

Finished in January, but needing the ends woven in, this was a little crochet together project. I used simply soft black and an interesting fuzzy ribbony type yarn Bernat Glittalic that I picked up at Big Lots for $1. Pattern located at This is a quick to finish project for when you need a last minute gift, when you need the sense of accomplishment finishing a project brings or when a cold front is moving in fast.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fishy business I haven't posted in the past couple of weeks as I've been working and trying to knit the Dead Fish Hat (previous link).

My first try with working with circular needles was not properly memorialized in photos. Perhaps it is best as it was truly an experience. Imagine trying to wrestle an octopus with your hands tied behind your back and you will be on the way to understanding my first time with two circulars. Well, gee, being new to knit it did not dawn on me that the darn cables should be "relaxed" and here I am with them curled up on themselves! After that nightmare and spending the evening working the cables back and forth with my hands to relax them a bit, my helpful knit mentors (not mentioning names but their initials are Sarah, Pirk and Sherri) told me I should have taken the cables and dunked them in hot water. *blank look* Yes, I am a true babe in the knit woods and never thought of it. Hubby had headed toward the stove to hold the cables over open flame and all I could think of was the cables melting. (these are Clover bamboo's that I'm using)

I forged ahead. A couple of evenings I tossed the dead fish (that will be the death of me, I'm sure) aside as I was dropping stitches and goofing up left and right. I totally messed up kfb and ssk and we won't talk about my case of amnesia when it came to binding off the first half of the tail fin. I'm sitting there looking at it and there is the yarn to the right of my work and my last bind off stitch to the left. Hmmmm. A quick trip to and I'm banging my head on the desk because I forgot the all important "knit the first stitch" part of binding off. So I'm just slipping two stitches on the right needle and then pulling number one over number two and going on SO happy that I'm almost done with fin side one! Ha!

Rip rip rip.

So, at this point I am halfway through fin one. I have a respectable looking kfb going and the ssk is looking good as well. I will NOT forget how to bind off this time!