Sunday, May 24, 2009

A touch of glass

As hubby tells this story, I announced one day "honey, we're taking a class". So, I drag him off to Cedar Lakes conference center and he's happily along for the ride.
This is our instructor, John Winter. John is amazing!! He's friendly, hilariously funny and gives a great massage!

Wish I could say these are mine!! These are some of John's creations. Each one is truly a work of art.

Here's my honey! First time out and he's making beads like a pro. He and the instructor were the only menfolk there, so they formed a fast friendship. All of the ladies were quite taken with my hubby!

Here I am working away. Let me tell you, this was something else!! Believe it or not, you do not feel the heat while working on the bead, but I strongly recommend not picking up hot glass. This stuff gets molten hot! Our instructor describes this as working with liquid light at 2,000 degrees. What a blast! The glass gets so hot that the color disappears and you can see through the blob of glass you are working on.

My beads are on the pink bag and Bill's on the blue. That weiner made a strawberry! This was such a great weekend!!! *hint* They are all "my beads" because hubby was kind enough to give them to me!

Another picture of some of my beads. Yes, we are searching for a kiln.

Another shot of Bill's beads. Oh, did I forget to mention the mushroom???

THEN!! We figure out there's 5 of us in the same general area. We're planning on getting together a few times a month to play with beads and other fun stuff!

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