Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One down and granny harem pants to go!

Friday night at 6:30 I finally lit on a pattern to make a lacy cardi to wear to the CGOA conference. Only two weeks to go. Michael's was wonderous in that they decided to have a 4 hour madness sale so I bought the Caron Spa that I have been fondling for a bit. I imagine that after the upcoming trip I will be in love with much more expensive yarns.

At any rate, this was what my cardi looked like at that point in time. I took it with me to the Saturday crochet meeting to work on and apologized for not working on a scarf at the time. By the way, I love these ladies I'm working with!! I am so happy I found them and all because of a last minute decision to go to the conference. I was so worried I wouldn't fit in with them and they have welcomed me with open arms. What fun they are!

At any rate, Saturday and Sunday crocheting and a bit Monday night. I finished the motifs this morning somewhere in the wee hours and tonight I wove in ends. I am hoping to find a nice decorative gigantic button to use on it or one of those off the wall pins. Here's the completed item and I am hoping that I will not regret making this. Hubby commented it would be a hoot if several ladies just "happened" to make the same item in the same color. It would only happen to me!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This coming Saturday, July 25 will be my third meeting with my new friends at the crochet guild chapter. I'm SO excited as (from the picture) you can see that the "Great Crochet Drought of 09" has ended with a vengance. Last month, they announced they were also taking donations of hats for the local cancer center. Believe me, I was getting a bit tired of red, white and blue so I started in on hats. This month I completed 42 hats and 8 scarves. There is also a little bag of 8 hats that I found around the house while downsizing the clutter.
NOW I have to start on something to wear to the CGOA conference in Buffalo. . . a whopping 18 days away. OMG I have no clue what to make!

The Old Man and the Flea

Living with dogs is always an adventure. For the past 15 years I have lived with my "stalker". He was never far away and repeatedly tried to kill me. . . payback for when I had him neutered in late '94. Oz was a strange little dog, who was scared of self-dispensing water bowls and people in general. At age 18 we finally made that last trip to the vets together. As you can see, he was a master of disguise...laying in wait to attempt homicide on his owner (me) dressed as the laundry.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The things I do for my compulsions

So I was online a few weeks ago talking about the CGOA conference and suddenly decided to go. I had to be a member of a guild group to go to the Friday night coffee and dessert event. I am NOT going to pass this up. (it's a free event after all!) I find ONE group in my area and email them to join. Now, mind you, I am not judgemental of religious groups but when my husband heard about where I was going to go (not naming the church!) he got this wide eyed look and wanted to know if I was going to fit in. Hmm. Let me see. Mostly this church does not cut hair, doesn't wear pants, oh I can imagine the thoughts on tattoos and piercings. I go anyhow. Find out they are not as strict as some of the churches of this faith I have known (didn't see a single tattoo though!). I have really enjoyed these ladies! My daughter went last week with me and even she wants to go back. The big project at the moment is making red, white and blue scarves for the veterans home that is about 40 minutes from where I live. Here are my first 8.

I have been in a real crochet slump since have CT surgery on each hand since December and this has turned out to be what has ended the Great Crochet Drought of '09. I have another 5 made since the meeting where I donated these. I remember asking how many they wanted by Christmas and they said wistfully, "100, we hope". Pffft. Hubby figures I could do that myself and wants to know what they are going to make. lol! Seriously though, scarves are all I am churning out at the moment and I'm actually enjoying it.

My thrift store steal!

Dana and I took off to the thrift store prior to picking Bill up fromwork. OMG 75 skiens/balls of yarn!!! (for a mere $32!)

33 skiens of Bucilla Riviera (12 off white, 7 tan and the rest softyellow) I am really tickled about this as I have been looking for a nice cotton blend to make something to wear to Buffalo!

4 blue Bernat Pounders

8 skiens of Patons Diana

16 balls of Jack Frost cotton

4 skiens of red heart red fleck

4 balls of Bucilla St. Moritz in off white

8 skiens of dazzle aire in soft baby pink and baby blue