Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This coming Saturday, July 25 will be my third meeting with my new friends at the crochet guild chapter. I'm SO excited as (from the picture) you can see that the "Great Crochet Drought of 09" has ended with a vengance. Last month, they announced they were also taking donations of hats for the local cancer center. Believe me, I was getting a bit tired of red, white and blue so I started in on hats. This month I completed 42 hats and 8 scarves. There is also a little bag of 8 hats that I found around the house while downsizing the clutter.
NOW I have to start on something to wear to the CGOA conference in Buffalo. . . a whopping 18 days away. OMG I have no clue what to make!


  1. hmm, those things look familiar! Hi Marsha, this is Maggie. We met at Chains of Prayer this morning. Look forward to seeing you again, hope you have a great time at the convention. Wish I could go :( Visit my blog!

  2. Hey, you!!!! It was great meeting you! I will be sure to get that pin for you and will see you soon!