Saturday, August 8, 2009

I'm miffed

Sitting here at the computer trying to get myself to go make coffee instead of returning to bed. I should be in Buffalo with my friends and Lion Brand goody bag, anticipating a day of shopping, learning to spin and having general, all around fun. Instead, a blood pressure spike and my wonderful doctor grounded me. I'm home getting used to bp meds and all that fun. To console myself, I went to the local welding supply store and leased an oxygen tank (finally) to make lampwork beads with. I had a slight accident coming out of the door and pulled my back out. (when it rains, it pours)

Hubby suggested I crochet covers for the propane and oxygen tanks. ooooo creative juices flowing with thoughts of freeform covers and various outfits to match the seasons. I invisioned the tall slender tank and short squatty tank as a pilgrim and turkey, witch and pumpkin, santa and an elf. Okay, so Santa went on weight watchers this year. It would be a terrific use of scrap yarn.