Monday, October 5, 2009

Now I've reached that "crisis" age

For some reason, I decided enough was enough. My friend, Gloria, and I have been "decluttering" our homes. She's in NY and I'm in WV, but we are two peas in a pod. In my effort to get in the declutter lead I gave away my living room and dining room furniture. WHOOSH! Two rooms empty in one swoop! Then my husband made the fatal mistake of telling me that I could do whatever I wanted in those rooms. Furniture, color, whatever. Oh dear.

After the trip to Ashley Furniture we went to Lowe's to contemplate the possible colors for the living room and dining room. Here's where the fun starts. I mistakenly thought the couch was deep burgundy. Nope, deep rusty redish burgundy. I come flying out of Lowes with a lovely color called "silver blueberry". It looked lovely on the walls. THEN THE COUCH ARRIVED. Oh dear x 50. Back to Lowe's we went and purchased this color that looks like peanut butter fudge. I apologized profusely for picking the blueberry for both front rooms.

Then it was on again. Well, we've got no lamps that work in that room now!! WOOHOO. I went nuts and bought these deep red with gold patterned shades and one of them has these little amber and red beads on the edging. Then I painted the front door RED RED RED. My son calls it "mom has lost her freakin' mind". I have announced that as I'm turning 50 this week I can blame it on my age!

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